Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The artist’s dilemma: what constitutes selling out?

In The West, Being A True Artist Means Making Some Hard Choices.
The sell out is a vague derogatory term used to describe a person who betrays a cause for personal advancement. It’s a dilemma all artists face when on the brink of making it “mainstream.” This article by Yoav Litvin, The Rockefeller University analyzes the issues artists face.Intellectuals, academics and artists play a unique role in society: they preserve and defend both freedom of expression and the morality of choices. Artists can use their work as a means to communicate messages of dissent and hope in the face of injustice, repression and despair.Meanwhile, those in power who seek to control public opinion typically consider untethered freedom of thought and expression a threat. But in any capitalist system, it’s difficult to survive as a full-time artist. Artists need to be industrious in order to make a living from art, and may choose to work with government organizations or corporations to supplement their income. Herein lies what I’ve dubbed the “artist’s dilemma”

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