Monday, 11 January 2016

Mainstream Media Warns About the Dangers of the Vaccinated Spreading Disease, Wait, What, Really?

Spread This News. It's proof for your Own G.P. Of The Real Dangers of Pushing Vaccines Onto Their Patients.
Vaccine Danger awareness is Spreading, and some of the truth is coming from the Most Unlikely Sources! I got a huge shock when a dear friend, vaccine researcher, author and Staff Writer for TLB, Christina England sent me the following article. The Mainstream media (MSM) is warning of the probabilities and dangers of vaccinated individuals spreading disease among the general population via a mechanism known as shedding. Upon reading this article my jaw dropped and my heart skipped a beat because this is not a minor mention, or a means to denigrate those who believe in this mechanism … it is an informative and for the most part accurate representation! Has the MSM (CNBC) been stricken with a case of conscience, or is this an isolated incident whereby it just happened to slip by a lazy corporate censor/editor? Regardless it is worth reading.

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