Thursday, 14 January 2016

Full list of landlord Tory MPs who voted against making properties 'fit for human habitation'

Your Government Is Filled With Self-Interested Criminals Looking To Steal Your last Crust For Their Own Benefit.
At least 72 of the Tory MPs who voted against an amendment to force landlords to make sure their properties are "fit for human habitation" are private landlords themselves. The Conservatives voted against a Labour amendment to the current Housing and Planning Bill to ensure houses were kept to a decent standard by 312 votes to 219, a majority of 93.
Prior to the vote, shadow housing minister Teresa Pearce, who brought the amendment forward, told MPs: "Many landlords go out of their way to ensure that even the slightest safety hazard is sorted quickly and efficiently. "So it is even more distressing when we see reports of homes which are frankly unfit for human habitation being let, often at obscene prices. Where else in modern day life could someone get away with this?"

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