Sunday, 6 September 2015

Vaping: The Latest Scourge in Drug Abuse

Huge profits For The Chemical Industries. Huge Problems for the Hoards Of New Addicts it'll create!
I’m not quite sure where CNN have been, but they’ve just woken up to the fact that vaping is a big thing, and that nicotine’s not the only thing going into those e-cigs...Deerfield Beach, Florida: Emergency rooms in South Florida are filling up with patients suffering from synthetic drug overdoses, and the problem is getting worse due to a device that’s ostensibly supposed to help people quit smoking. Vaporizer pens are becoming the new way for drug users to not only get high, but do it discreetly — at times right under the noses of police, parents and teachers.


  1. I'm 56 years old and was a very heavy smoker for 40 years and have emphysema. Despite many attempts to quit smoking over many years i just couldn't quit. The success rate of the current nicotine replacement therapies, apart from being very expensive, are extremely low at around 7% of smokers actually quitting. In January of this year i did a lot of research into vaping, and i mean a lot of research. I have been vaping since January and have not touched a cig since and feel a hell of a lot better. I purchase my ecig juice from two manufacturers in the UK who use only high grade products in the manufacturing of their ejuice. This contains only 3 substances, Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin and nicotine. Whilst i would agree that more long term studies need to be done vaping does help those of us that just couldn't quit the cigs. The studies that have been done have shown that the health risks are significantly lower. There is a lot of scaremongering in the Press etc and you will usually find the tobacco industry behind the scaremongering, they are losing huge profits and are pushing for vaping to come under their control, which will ultimately push prices higher and limit the products available. I know a lot of vapers that like myself would not recommend vaping to a non smoker but for a person struggling to quit the cigs would recommend as it is definately a healthier alternative to smoking. Like everything else it can/will be abused by a minority.

  2. Considering Propylene Glycol is a major Ingredient in Both Vehicular anti-freeze and hand sanitizers, I'd hardly call that an innocuous substance to inhale!
    Known side effects include muscle pain, sore throat, and stronger smelling urine. These symptoms can all result from using e-cigs that use propylene glycol-based e-liquid. Since PG is considered a humectant (it collects moisture), your throat can become dry after use and potentially sore. It can also result in an increase of lactic acid production by your body causing muscle aches that occur more often than normal. In order to counter-act these symptoms it is recommended that you increase your fluid intake in order to flush the lactic acid from your body.
    If you're lucky enough to avoid these symptoms of allergy, it's recommended that if you wish to continue to Vape, you find a liquid with a vegetable glycerin base instead. far less toxic to the system.
    Well done for finding Vaping a useful way to cut back on your tobacco usage. But it's far from the safe alternative the Chemical Companies would have you believe it is.
    And we're yet to see the possible long term effects of Vaping surfacing, as there's been no Human trials worth quoting carried out as of yet.

  3. I use a 100% vegetable base myself - although there have been no long term studies as i mentioned and i wouldn't recommend non smokers take up vaping. IT IS FAR BETTER THAN CIGS for those of us that couldn't quit - we could say stop breathing cos of all the pollution in the air ( i don't drive myself but have to breathe in all the crap every day ), stop drinking tap and bottled water( i don't drink either myself ) stop eating and on and on and on - i highly recommend vaping at the moment to those smokers that have tried everything else and couldn't stop. Nothing that is inhaled or eaten or drunk which has chemicals is natural - so thats basically most things. Oh for a perfect world where none of us has fallen for addictions of some kind.


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