Monday, 14 September 2015

THE POWER OF CONSCIENCE: The US Military and the Myth that Humanity is Predisposed to Violence.

Good Luck Turning *Those* into Plough-Shears!
We have this tragic misperception that humanity is predisposed to violence.
The truth is that humanity is predisposed to peace. The default position for humanity is that of conscientious objector to war and violence.
In our work at the Center on Conscience & War, this is proven to us daily, through our individual conscientious objectors.  Science has proven it, too. This tendency for cooperation over competition is evident in daily life: on an average day, most people will witness countless  acts of cooperation, kindness, and humanity towards one another, and not one act of violence or competition. And most of it is so commonplace, we barely even notice it. We take our nonviolence for granted.

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