Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Petition Calls on Obama to Drink Own Urine During Appearance on Reality Show

Image redacted to protect the guilty! ;)
You kind of have to give it to for publishing this article, if only because it shows the folly that inevitably comes with demeaning the office of the president with cheap pop-culture stunts.
In light of President Obama filming a segment for an upcoming episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, some wise guy apparently decided to gin up a petition at the White House's official website calling on the Leader of the Free World to drink his own urine during the episode.'s Tony Dokoupil explains:

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  1. We have all drunk our own piss but don't realise it. In fact if we hadn't we wouldn't have developed. The amniotic fluid in pregnancy contains urine and the developing fetus breathes it in and drinks it. The amniotic fluid is vital in the development of the lungs, allows baby to move in the womb, which allows for proper bone growth, serves as protection from infection by stopping the growth of certain bacteria etc. So the question i'm asking myself is, if it is essential for the development of a growing fetus how can urine be toxic as many people believe ? Just a thought.


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