Saturday, 29 August 2015

“They jumping her”

*This Video should serve as a warning that the coming "Civil Unrest" that's being actively fomented by T.P.T.B in the push towards "Depopulation" is almost upon us.
The hatred that is on display here:From the aggression of the Black couple towards the White Woman - to the passively complicit behaviour of the witnesses and cameraman present, demonstrate the futility of pushing "Multiculturalism" within any part of Western Civilisation. The Races were never supposed to live within such close proximity with each other:Especially the ones who view casual violence towards other Races as acceptable behaviour as these Coloured people obviously do.  We are witness to the same process that destroyed the "Roman Empire" 2 thousand odd years ago. They too attempted to "Integrate" various races within their culture, and it eventually destroyed them from within.  Welcome to History repeating itself yet again.*

A shocking video spreading through social media shows a couple attacking and beating a white women outside a gas station in Milwaukee.
In the horrific video a white female is thrown to the ground by a black male as the women with him repeatedly punches the victim in the head. The male then literally stomps the women’s head in while yelling, “wrong hood bitch.”

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