Friday, 15 May 2015

Religion Gives Us the World’s Largest Mental Disorder – Religithexia

Are you suffering from Religithexia? Seek Help!
It is estimated that 80% of the world is religious, which equates to approximately 5.6 billion people who are affected with Religithexia.
Religion Gives Us the World’s Largest Mental Disorder – ReligithexiaIn psychology, the term “Mental Retardation” was changed to “Learning Disabled”.
Perhaps the term, “Religitard” might be too harsh for someone who hangs on to outdated beliefs, so maybe there will be a new diagnosis called Religithexia for those who are “Religiously Disabled”?


  1. So all religion is rubbish? Is only scientific fact the "truth"? So they say until something comes along which discounts the scientific theory and thus their beliefs become outdated.. Religion works as it does because the believer does not feel the need to prove themselves or their beliefs to anyone. They own them and they are intrinsicly part of who they are ao to discount would be discounting part of the self.

  2. If only that was really true. In my experience, those whose Intellect has been highjacked by such delusions *INSIST* on spreading their delusion to as many earholes as possible. Or spend untold Hrs online arguing with anyone who dares challenge their unprovable "Belief System".
    If people would keep their intrincity to themselves,rather than declaiming their "Faith" to all and sundry? Or even worse,use their Religion to justify every and all attack upon others who don't share their delusion? Then the world would be a far happier and less warlike place.


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