Thursday, 28 May 2015

Anger Management Failures

If you don't attempt to control your anger,you risk a Blow-out!
Why Anger Management Fails with Problem Anger.
Anger management neglects the more subtle influences of problem anger and sometimes even encourages them, assuming that it's better to disconnect from loved ones than to shout at them. Putting a chilly wall between you and the people you love won't get you arrested but will likely ruin your life.


  1. So true. But we need to look at why there is the need to suppress and also why a "blow out" is considered destructive. It really depends on the form and balance.

  2. It's about limiting the damage your own Anger is causing to those around yourself. If you possess a conscience, then you will want to avoid pushing your own anger and issues onto others;especially loved ones. So any "Blow-Out" will always have negative effects if you fail to do so.
    Suppression of Anger ;while preferable to acting out that anger upon others,is ultimately dangerous to the self. There must always be an avenue available to release that anger in non-destructive ways that hurt no one else. We can't claim to be "Civilised" if we ignore that fact.


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