Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How Privatization Rips Us All Off

Every time! Putting essential services into the hands of Private Individuals or Corporations *creates* Corruption in the name of "PROFIT".
The Project on Government Oversight found that in 33 of 35 cases the federal government spent more on private contractors than on public employees for the same services. The authors of the report summarized, "Our findings were shocking."
Yet our elected leaders persist in their belief that free-market capitalism works best. Here are a few fact-based examples that say otherwise.


  1. I'm all for private enterprise, as long as MIGHT, flowing always from the applied strength of the brains of the most creative minorities in a society (the scientists, artists and inventors) rather than from any fallacious notion of "strength in numbers" and any such nonsense, protects RIGHT.

    To illustrate this, imagine 50 martial arts black belts with only their bare legs and fists at one end of a football field and two 12 year old girls, trained in sharp-shooting and weapons-handling for 6 months by Alex Jones, with two Avtomat Kalashnikov model 1947's equipped with two 100 round drums (and two backup 100 round drums) at the other end. Given a signal, they have to kill their opponents as fast as possible. Who do you think would win and how fast? Now, remember, the 50 black belts have no weapons, they cannot exit the football field and have a hundred yards to run to get to the two girls and each of the two AK-47's in full automatic mode can shoot the entire 100 rounds in 1 minute! All the two girls would have to do is point and shoot and technology would make them the queens of the world. None of the black-belts would even make it to the 50 yard line without at least 10 bullets in their ass.

    Why would might protect right? Because might discovered that protecting the right or freedom of ordinary people to be the best at whatever they do in a division of labor system creates VAST synergies far beyond anything the creative minority itself can manage, although without the direction of this extra-creative minority, these vast synergies would not be used to for maximum benefit to all. The problem is the parasite class and not the free-marketers. The parasite class almost always pushes a limited-hangout win-win system so that through the synergies created thus, they would have something to loot. No freedom of thought, association or ability to own private property or the fruits of your labor equals no products, services or even comforts for the parasite class to loot and enjoy. Legalized coercion, starting with the fraud of the financial system itself, the uber-fraud or indirect coercion of compound interest and legalized counterfeiting

    “Such is the delicacy of man alone, that no object is produced to his liking. He finds that in everything there is need for improvement.... The whole industry of human life is employed not in procuring the supply of our three humble necessities, food, clothes and lodging, but in procuring the conveniences of it according to the nicety and delicacy of our tastes.” -- Adam Smith

    ~ Negentropic

  2. Ooops, forgot to finish this sentence:

    Legalized coercion, starting with the fraud of the financial system itself, the uber-fraud or indirect coercion of compound interest and legalized counterfeiting, can wedge itself in through the co-opted and corrupted versions of the principle of collectivism (the individual must SACRIFICE to the collective, a useless and fallacious concept, rather than the individual must balance individual creativity with group SYNERGY to create wholes greater than the sum of the parts. Creating wholes greater than the sum of individual parts is NOT a sacrifice, it is common sense and enlightened long-term self-interest, since the health of the tribe is the health of the individual and vice-versa.

    ~ Negentropic MK II


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