Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How the Nazis bombed thousands of Germans – for TARGET PRACTICE: Uncovered classified documents reveal how Hitler used cities to test V-2 rockets

A Pile of debris somewhere in Germany during WW2...Could be *anywhere* though...
By far my favorite part of studying history, is discovering amazing details after the fact. There are just certain things that would never become public knowledge when these past events were occurring. That’s because history is the sum total of everyone’s intentions and actions, and while they’re still alive, some of those actions must be concealed if they want to stay in power. So it’s not surprising to find that the big hitters of history do everything in their power to conceal their dirty deeds from their fellow-man, not only to save their own hides, but to preserve their legacy.


  1. LOL What BS. Do you really trust the slimy rag Daily Mail to tell you the truth? C'mon man! Just admit that Hitler was the good-guy in WWII, regardless of whether you agree with the principles of National Socialism or not, BECAUSE he fought the usurocracy, something that no one today has the balls to do, aside from Assad in Syria, And, according to some people's history, he did it with only ONE ball.

    Raul Hilberg, the prosecution's own "expert" witness and supposed authority on the holycost, admitted on the court records of the first Zundel trial that NOT ONE AUTOPSY REPORT exists proving EVEN ONE person dying from gas-poisoning at Auschwitz and NOT ONE SHRED of evidence exists Hitler ordered any "extermination" of any Jews, but "The Daily Mail" is going to "prove" Hitler bombed his own people. lol

    ~ Negentropic

  2. I'm not convinced that AH was the person you and those others out there that seem to be in love with that whole era of crypto-fascism think he was. There's too much conflicting information,evidence and rumour about him to ever subscribe to the notion that he was some sort of "Victim".
    My contention is that *no-one* who climbed to the reigns of power throughout the 20th Century did so without the approval and support of the very same forces we warn others about today.
    Every National leader of that era;be it Hitler,Roosevelt,Churchill,Stalin or Hirohito belonged body and soul to the powers who are steering humanity towards that totalitarian future we face today. People making excuses for their actions just make things harder for those of us looking to get to the real truth through all the bullshit and propaganda shrouding those events in History. And the cult of personality that some subscribe to today focusing on what a poor,hard done by little dictator Hitler was strikes me as yet more Jewish machinations behind the scenes to keep their Number one boogie-man front and centre of the scam.
    It's not just "National Socialism" that i question. It's *everything* about what has been put out into the public domain about those events - those "legends". There's no Proof that anything we've been led to believe over the last 70 or so years ever happened in the way it was recorded...by the victors as per usual. Oh, sure major battles and conflicts were faithfully recorded by cameras and memories of those caught up in them. But most of those memories are long since dead. Books and literature i don't trust - they have been manipulated to say whatever the particular author wanted to present as Historical truth. But it isn't what really happened. It never is.
    And as for the "Daily Mail"? Out of all the rags printed here in the UK, it consistently prints more "Truth" about what's happening to my country compared to any other mass media outlet. Sure, it buries the nuggets of truth behind layers of bullshit:That's how the MSM has operated since the first printed newsletter at the London Coffee house where journalism started. And that's no different to every "alternative" news source/media aggregator that's operating on the net today. Everyone has their own agenda to bring to the table. Everyone subscribes to one form of bullshit or other amongst the competing "Belief systems" they cherish.
    Doesn't mean I have to follow them metaphorically or physically down their particular paths.
    I choose whatever "Facts" i discover during my researches to believe is the truth. And to discard whatever facts i discover and believe is bullshit. It's all about what makes more sense,and feels correct to me.
    Understanding the sociopathic natures of those involved at the upper levels of Germant during WW2? I have no difficulty whatsoever believing they'd bomb their own people - after all, we- the little people - have always been nothing but "Collateral Damage" to those who rule. Churchill did it with Coventry. Roosevelt at Pearl harbour. Why *not* Hitler? They were ALL evil personified - they had to be to get to the heights they did in society.
    Possessing one Bollock doesn't mean you're not evil...it just means the Jews surrounding him and manipulating his decisions at the time had one less to lick.


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