Saturday, 14 February 2015

Florida Man Arrested With Weed In His Crack And Crack In His Mouth

Getting arrested for Drugs sucks Crack! M'Kay?
A Florida man was arrested Thursday with a bag of marijuana in the crack of his butt and a bag of crack cocaine inside his mouth. Gainesville police found the contraband on Winfred Alphonso McAllister, 23, after he was pulled over for swerving in his Mitsubishi Gallant, according to a police report.
The officer could smell marijuana in McAllister’s vehicle, according to The Independent Florida Alligator. Though he initially denied having any drugs on him, McAllister copped to having smoked marijuana earlier in the night. But after McAllister exited the car, the officer still smelled weed. After a search, the officer found a bag of it tucked in McAllister’s butt.

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