Thursday, 12 February 2015

England bans smoking in cars

Smoking CARS cause Asthma;not Smoking *in* Cars!
*Proof that the UK is now fully under the control of psychopathic Jews and control freaks! The push to criminalise "Smokers" continues. Despite the fact that the air itself within most towns and cities is far more toxic and pollution filled, the Government continues to demonise Smoking whilst ignoring the real causes of Asthma and other lung-related deseases. But you won't find them criminalising Industry,Transportation and Science for their noxious emissions. That might result in a reduction in "Political Contributions" from the Corporations and wealthy Individuals who really decide Policy with their CheckBooks. Democracy? That's nothing but a "Smoke-Screen";hiding the fact the public has no say whatsoever in it's destiny.*

Motorists in England will be banned from smoking in the car if they are carrying passengers under the age of 18. Drivers seen smoking with children in the car could face a £50 fine after the regulations come into effect on 1 October. 342 MPs from across all parties voted in favour of the ban, with just 74 voting against the bill.


  1. Use a pen vaporizer, that way they can't prove that you were 'smoking' anyway and you can blow the vapor out right in any 3 year old's face just like the good old days. As a plus, it barely stinks at all and besides why would you want all that extra tar in your lungs?

    Between electro-penning these last two paragraphs, I took a good toke of this:

    using one of these:

    Just load it with tobacco and it turns into an e-cigarette.

    The troofer podcasts are getting so friggin' boring that the best podcast I have listened to all week was an interview with a famous 'golden age' porn star. Do you remember Georgina Spelvin?

    Good site overall except for the fag-porn interviews. Listen to those and you might get aids through your computer speakers! lol

    ~ Negentropic

  2. The ban includes up to 18 year old passengers, and does include all electronic cigarettes too Neg.


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