Sunday, 13 July 2014

Revisited: UK-Amsterdam Paedophile Snuff Movie Connection

This world is truly sick, and in desperate need of an extinction Level event...
Many believe that Jimmy Savile was just the tip of the iceberg…
It is now well-known that highly organised, criminal paedophile rings have carried on with their sordid trade outside of the law for decades in Britain and Europe, but the full extent of their activities has still yet to be uncovered – partly due to the high-ranking names involved in this sordid underworld.
No one knows just how far and wide these organised rings stretch, and what is the exact extent of their criminal activity. Beyond the ritual and sadomasochistic abuse, the lowest rung of this evil ladder is said to be the “snuff film” business, where paedophile network members capture their horrific fetishes on film or tape, before selling them through a lucrative distribution black market catering to wealthy network members around the globe – with a well-established customer base in the US, Italy, among others.

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