Monday, 10 February 2014

More On The Sociopathy of Billionaire Predators

Not all sociopaths are Billionaires...some are only millionaires...
"In my previous post I discussed the harmful effects that right-wing billionaires have on our sociocultural lives. Because of their enormous wealth and power, their evil influence penetrates all strata of American society–in politics, business, education, medicine, the environment, and our collective values (or lack thereof).
A new article published in today’s Op-Ed News redirects my perspective on this matter. Writer and Op-Ed publisher Rob Kall asserts that billionaires are sociopaths, and we should treat them as such."
What is a sociopath? Most psychologists define sociopaths as people who lack a conscience. They are rapacious and greedy without regard for others, and they will say or do anything to get their way. There is a streak of narcissism in sociopaths, who by and large care only for themselves and not one whit for others. This is in line with the American conservative’s political philosophy, in that Republicans support policies that promote individual wealth and autocracy at the expense of the greater good.          (

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