Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pod-casting. What you need to know, & How to produce,edit & Post your own voice on-line.

A Pod Cast setup in a box! Or you can create your own...

During the last delcroix Improv, a suggestion was mooted regards the possibility of anyone having their own pod-casts put up at mami's shit for everyone to listen to.

Since then, some "Anons" have requested information as how to go about doing this.
So, at risk of sounding like someone trying to teach grannies how to do unmentionable things with eggs - here is *my* guide to putting up your efforts at Mami's. Hope it enables some of you out there to join us getting the truths out to those who care to listen.

Determine what you'll need to Podcast.

Hardware necessary to get started include:
A Good Microphone - Headphones combination. Either USB connected,or using any of the Mixing Decks available out there from the likes of Maplins or Radio Shack.Mixing Desks are not compulsory of course-as you can use software with built in mixing. Or just use something basic like VLC. But Pod-casting doesn't have to cost a lot to set up.

A computer with reasonable memory,speed and storage space for your recordings.

A comfortable and Quiet room to record in. Nothing worse than spending Hrs creating the ultimate "Stream Of Conciousness",if all anyone is going to hear is the loud background sounds of an air conditioner or similar white noise generator.

A "Thick Skin" to enable you to deal with the Fall-Out from your broadcast going online! You can't be a Shrinking Violet, or mentally Unstable if you wish to start down this road. It demands concentration & stamina to create your pod-cast. It's NOT easy, but it IS rewarding if you succeed in getting your ideas & thoughts out there clearly for others to comment on.

A General Idea of what subjects you want to talk about. Unless you're involved in an "Improv", it makes sense to at least create a list of Talking Points first before beginning to record your thoughts.
Alternatively, if you have the memory of a fish like most of us, Write down anything pertinent:facts & figures you might wish to quote.  Or passages of text you might wish to read out loud.

Never just "Read Along" without saying that's what you're doing first. Not unless you wish to be derided for doing so by your mami-peers. There's a lot of smart regulars & Anons who can & will use anything they can to pick holes in your presentation.
Sources you used to create your pod should be acknowledged - unless you wish to be accused of plagiarism.

What software will you use?
There are free software packages like Audacity & EZ Audio recorder. Check out sites like  for freeware & Shareware software you don't have to pay for.
There are also tiered versions of software, like Sony Acid (music studio is only $50 whereas Acid Pro is $200). Some mixers and microphones come with free software to use. I use Audacity for editing my finished Pod after recording it using SAM Broadcaster Software (Not Freeware!) But i'm sure if you experiment with the many programs & hardware out there, you'll discover a set-up that works well for you.

If you’re going to make a pod-cast that features music created by someone else, you might be responsible for paying royalties for the right to broadcast that music.
It doesn't seem that this has been completely worked out yet - but be aware that Jew-run licensing companies which track royalty payments are trying to create a workable plan. In the mean time, you would be advised to use "podcast safe" music. i.e: Nothing commercial or likely to get you in trouble with the record Companies.

Sources for Podcasting Online you can check out include:

blogtalkradio is a Podcast and social networking site that offers a very easy way to create on-demand audio. offers an easy way to publish your own audio and video podcast in 3 steps. There is not technology curve. You can share your podcast in Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, and other online destinations.
PodOmatic offers a basic and pro option. Basic provides easy tools, 500MB of storage and 15GB of bandwidth per month. Pro has more features for about $10/month. Find out more at the PodOmatic website.
Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) offers several levels of podcast syndication including storage space and an archive plan that promises to hold all your podcasts, unmetered bandwidth, and the ability to use your own domain, and more.
WildVoice Studio
For those who are more inclined to create a website by registering their own domain and created audio files on their own terms, here's a piece of software you might want to look at. WildVoice Studio is a free Windows application that enables a professional-quality recording complete with theme music, special effects and prerecorded clips.
mirPod is a webpage which allows you to create code to embed a podcast on your own website. This is a point and click operation which requires no technical knowledge.

The way we upload our little efforts online is to use certain free cyber-lockers like Kiwi 6 or any other service that allows "Hot-Linking". This is important to enable the player on mami's to work properly. or you can just ask any of the mami Admins how to upload your cast after you create it.

I hope this little article helps the undecided amongst you to take the plunge & start creating your own Pod-Casts. looking forward to seeing more of you up there at mami's shit.


  1. very nice explanation. now the best part of all is that now you are the "professor" Well done and thanks for making this available to all of us.


  3. Alan Watt @ Cutting thru the matrix has been podcasting for years. Was a sound engineer in the uk previously, so it goes. Never could understand why his earlier casts sounded so amateur given his pedigree. The number one rule for voice intelligibility is to work in a 'dry' acoustic. Try putting yourself and your mic under a duvet and hear the difference...

  4. You don't need to spend shit pod-casting! Just get a 99c Microphone & steal your moms laptop. record your voice & then PM me or Grizz or Whooli with your recording file. We'll give it a good listen,laugh a lot & then put it up at mami's. easy peasy.

  5. professor jewson jewistien has a great mixer
    do you want his number ?

  6. Great post here ! Thank you , this is what is needed , positive contribution !


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